Best Resources for Project Management in Healthcare

Best Resources for Project Management in Healthcare
  • April 9, 2024

What’s the last resource for project management that you read or listened to? And how long ago was it?

As we become entrenched in the daily grind, we tend to overfocus on the operational aspects of our work. Think back to your early days — you were always on the lookout for the next game-changing book, news source, or best podcast for project management. Not only did it make your job more fun, but it helped you reach the level you’re on today.

Why stop there?

We talked with Vitamin Software PMs and dug up the best books, podcasts, and news for healthcare project management. But first, a word on why you should check them out.

Investing in Yourself: Why Self-Improvement Matters for PMs

We can’t overstate the value of continuous self-improvement for Project Managers. As research notes, dedicating 15 minutes a day to reflect on your role significantly enhances performance. It’s especially important for PMs in healthcare, where the ability to adapt helps you match the industry’s ongoing transformations.

mental growth

As a healthcare Project Manager, you stand between the company’s business and engineering teams and balance their (sometimes differing) needs. Learning increases your effectiveness, boosting your contributions to the business and making your daily tasks easier.

Otherwise, you end up stuck with old approaches that don’t fit novel situations.

Resources for project management offer best practices, challenge existing habits, and introduce new concepts tailored to healthcare. Even when you know something, they solidify your skills and make them actionable.


Essential Resources for Healthcare PMs

We’ve done the necessary legwork and found the best resources for project management. Find our suggestions below, and use them as a starting point to identify more must-reads.

Pro Tip: If you’re a newbie, start with the Project Management Institute’s free courses and the Projectified Podcast. If you need a paid resource from the list, have your company fund it — after all, your growth is their growth.

Books for Healthcare Project Management

We might disregard books for project management in the 21st century, as this slower-to-publish format may not keep up with the industry. However, they often share the foundational principles of PM-ing in a systematic manner. It pays to give them a read, especially if you feel out-of-touch or stuck in a rut with your craft.

There are hundreds of titles out there, but these ones take the cake:

  • David Shirley’s second edition of Project Management for Healthcarethis book dissects the process of healthcare project management and highlights skills necessary for success. The latest edition tackles the issue of protecting online data and discusses the Agile methodology, which (while not our favorite) can adapt to healthcare projects.
  • Managing Multiple Projects by Elizabeth Harrinhealthcare project management is rarely a matter of leading a single assignment. We often have to juggle multiple ones with different requirements, which can quickly devolve into mistakes and burnout. This practical guide includes case studies, checklists, and templates to make such situations more manageable.
  • Project Management for Humans by Brett Harned — the premise of this book for project management is that it’s more about people than tools and technologies. It overviews everything a PM should know on the technical side and layers that with ways to deal with people and find workflows that work for everybody.
  • The Blueprint by Douglas Conant — the business mogul condenses his leadership strategy into six practical steps to make a meaningful difference in your organization. These principles offer a good way of thinking about projects big or small.

Pro Tip: Beyond traditional books for project management, e-books published by relevant online sources can be excellent to read as well. Vitamin’s PMs found Project Smart’s 7 Deadly Sins of Project Management and Wrike’s Guide on PM Methodologies valuable.

News Publications for Healthcare Project Management

A part of your work in healthcare project management is staying up-to-date with the trends in this industry. Beyond showing you the new technologies and regulations, reading news points to networking opportunities and end-users’ needs.

Besides your usual news and thought leaders on LinkedIn, have the following in your bookmark bar:

  • Healthcare Dive — in-depth insights into the influential healthcare news and trends. The website’s chock-full of useful texts, and the newsletter offers an overview of the burning topics to keep top of mind.
  • Healthcare IT News — the best source of healthcare news in the US and around the world. It’s a part of HIMSS Media, the business unit of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society.
  • TechTarget Network — news analyses, in-depth features, vendor comparisons, and tutorials. Check it out if you plan to cooperate with third parties and seek software solutions for your healthcare organization.
  • Medscape — something more medicine-specific for those developing novel technologies for medical use. It’s a hub of medical news about drugs and diseases, with professional perspectives on relevant topics.
  • Mind the Product — a community of people who deal with product releases, with daily product content and resources. You’ll also find a Slack group, workshops, and in-person meetups to deepen your craft.

ProTip: Google relevant companies, like Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Fast Company, with the tag ‘project management’ to see their latest resources on related topics.

Podcasts for Healthcare Project Management

What if you’re an auditory learner or lack the time to sit down and read a book? Podcasts are the way to go. We’d suggest these for healthcare project managers:

  • HIMSSCast — the best podcast for project management in US healthcare. It’s run by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s editorial team, featuring guests from all parts of the industry joining to share their insights. The case studies and topic explorations are super-informative.
  • There’s a Better Way — one-on-one conversations with the most innovative healthcare industry leaders. You get advice from real-world stories about tackling real-life challenges, which can be helpful no matter your status or size.
  • The Product Podcast — a great resource for project management, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. The best of the best come here to talk about their experiences in all things product-related: think Google, Facebook, Apple, and other giants.
  • Lenny’s Podcast — Lenny’s among the top growth marketers in the US, and many swear by his podcast. He conducts interviews with world-class experts and product leaders, sharing actionable advice on building, launching, and growing your projects. If you’re not already on his bandwagon, subscribe asap.
  • Manage Thisthe best podcast for project management by project managers. The hosts cover topics like timeline estimations, tips for meetings, and burnout. They also invite folks from across industries, offering tried-and-tested insights in an entertaining format.

Next Steps: Keep Learning, Keep Leading

growth together

As a healthcare Project Manager, you have an essential role in the industry. Expertise in this ever-changing field requires you to learn and grow all the time, so don’t let yourself become complacent.

Going back to the basics matters: even if you’ve heard them before, some ideas are worth reiterating. Our resources for project management remind you of the tried-and-true principles, letting you ground your actions in something that works.

Do you feel unsure where to focus your attention? Schedule a consultation with our leadership team. With eight years of expertise and 60+ successful projects, they’re well-equipped to guide you in the right direction.


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Vitamin’s Breakfast Club for Project Managers

Sometimes, all the books and podcasts in the world can’t replace the benefits of having a community to help you answer questions and resolve dilemmas. That’s why we launched something we believe is the ultimate resource for project management in healthcare: The Project Manager Breakfast Club.

This community is a space for collaboration and shared learning. We meet weekly to discuss the challenges faced by our PMs and yourselves. Then, we have a brainstorming session at the end of each meeting, helping each other resolve anything currently bugging you or slowing you down.