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At Vitamin Software, it’s our mission to improve patient outcomes with administrative healthcare software. Our vision is to become the most reliable healthcare technology solutions partner in in the world, and we achieve that through four values — humility, accountability, being solutions-oriented, and having a sense of urgency.

We’re a technology solutions partner for B2B SaaS companies and healthcare providers. We develop technological solutions for administrative tasks, as we believe reducing manual desk work is the best way to enhance efficiency, compliance, and patient outcomes.

With over 90 successfully delivered projects, 170+ combined years of healthcare expertise, and an emphasis on timeliness and predictable outcomes, we’re on a path to becoming the world’s most reliable healthcare software solutions partner. Read more to learn how we got here and where we plan to go.


Our vision is to be the most reliable healthcare software development company.


It’s our mission to improve patient outcomes with administrative healthcare software.  


Values that lead all of our decisions: are humility, accountability, being solution-oriented, and having a sense of urgency. 


Most US healthcare spending per capita in the past four decades has gone to administration. Although this field keeps operations running, too little money goes into medicine. That’s why it’s our mission to use technology to improve patient outcomes.

We feel that administrative healthcare software is the answer. It streamlines and speeds up operations, taking over repetitive tasks and letting humans do human work. These solutions make a hospital, pharmacy, and every other link in the healthcare chain run like a well-oiled machine, resulting in better patient outcomes.

Our vision is to be the most reliable software provider in the world, and it relates to what we’ve seen in the healthcare industry. Businesses need reliability, knowing that their partners will deliver on their promises in good time. Showing up, communicating clearly, and producing quality solutions are the cornerstones of how Vitamin operates, meaning our partners don’t face questions and headaches while collaborating with us.


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What about the values?

They all tie back to reliability.

Each of our projects is an exercise in all four values, which fuse to make us as reliable as possible. You can’t have one without the others and still do good work — the case studies below showcase moments where we excelled in each, proving the success of our philosophy.


An overinflated ego causes developers to get blindsided by avoidable errors and become incapable of outside-the-box thinking. We do things differently at Vitamin because we embrace new learning opportunities. For instance, although we’re engineers, we had to use design skills to help IFPRI boost traffic to its Food Security Portal — it was outside our usual scope and an exciting challenge.


Knowing where the machine broke is at the core of producing quality software. Risk mitigation is at the core of our plans because we analyze what can go wrong, whether people or process problems. When Medicine Value Partners needed a strategy for a real-time intelligence platform, we examined every aspect of their business and devised a development-ready plan (complete with cost estimates).


Phrases like “no,” “I can’t,” “it’s impossible,” “it’s complicated,” or “it’s hard” are rare in the Vitamin dictionary. Instead, we either find a way or make a way. When Amplicare’s CEO approached us with a plan that his team deemed impossible, we bit into the task and built a successful pharmacy app.

Sense of urgency

We find the sweet spot between being detail-oriented and moving quickly to meet client needs — after all, what good would our attention be if we couldn’t deliver timely projects? When a client contacted us with a fast-approaching deadline, we narrowed the scope of their project and achieved a timely release of an innovative patient-pharmacist app.

Our clients

We are trusted, reliable partners

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Our Story

Andrei Ismail founded Vitamin Software in Romania in 2016, and he remains at the helm as our CEO. Thanks to his prior engineering experience, he knew that businesses often threw tens of thousands of dollars on longer-than-necessary, subpar-quality products, and he wanted to do better. The idea of delivering capital-efficient software was born that year, marking the start of our journey. We started with a broad approach and zeroed in on healthcare at the start of this decade.

We found our reliability pairs well with regulated industries, and each following year, we honed those skills. We gained a SOC 2 certificate in 2022 and an Epic partnership in 2023 to further our mission. In 2024, we’re on the path of becoming the go-to R&D hub for healthcare software.



Business Statistics

Grow with Vitamin

170 +

Vitamin Software engineers have 170+ years of combined healthcare expertise

90 +

Successful projects delivered reliably

120M +

Vitamin Software is trusted by healthcare companies that generate over $120 Million in yearly revenue

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Vitamin Sanity Check

What Sets Us Apart

How are we different from your typical software vendor? By being strategic partners who develop products to fulfill your business needs.

We don’t jump on every project but select them strategically with our Vitamin Sanity Check, which ensures you’ll have a viable, capital-efficient plan for a product that will address your pain points. Our services double as consultancy, as we analyze your business and suggest the best courses of action. We also remain in step with the times, using AI tools to process data and increase service efficiency.

Achievements and Recognitions

Several certificates prove our dedication to the highest-quality, most secure technologies to deliver to our clients. Here are the notable ones:

AWS (Amazon Web Services): Vitamin Software is an AWS Network Select Consulting Partner. We leverage these cloud services for software flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and seamless integration.
SOC2 (Service Organization Control 2): We’re SOC2 certified, which shows our commitment to information security and compliance. When healthcare providers cooperate with us, they can be assured their sensitive data stays confidential.
FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources): Experience with FHIR standards makes our solutions easy to integrate with other workflows. Seamless data exchange among different systems is guaranteed.
Epic certification: Epic Systems Corporation is a leading provider of EHR software for healthcare organizations. This certificate lets us work with healthcare providers who use Epic software and shows how committed we are to security.

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