Rise and Shine: The Project Manager Breakfast Club

By Vitamin Software

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Project Manager Breakfast Club

At Vitamin, we recognize that healthcare technology is complicated but firmly believe project management shouldn’t be. So, we’re building a community to simplify it—and you’re invited.

The Breakfast Club is a mastermind group of healthcare Project Managers like yourself. It’s all about community, knowledge-sharing, and mutually supported professional development. Are you ready to join?

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Behind the Scenes:

The Birth of the Breakfast Club Powerful

Have you ever faced issues with regulations that made it challenging to integrate your software solution? Or CEO requirements that didn’t align with your engineering team’s capabilities? Such troubles are a day-to-day occurrence for Project Managers in healthcare. But there’s no internal support to address them.

We at Vitamin cooperate with client’s own Project Managers on SaaS development and deployment. While talking with our new and returning clients, we noticed a need for better assistance to these valuable individuals. That’s why we devised The Breakfast Club.

The Breakfast Club’s designed to address the needs of Project Managers in health technology teams. It’s a collaborative space where you can share experiences and collectively craft better solutions. It lets us give back to the community, raising the standard of project management in healthcare.

Do You Qualify?

We’re seeking professionals in the healthcare industry who manage projects, divisions, or companies that generate a minimum of $50M in yearly revenue. But your work tasks aren’t the only qualifying factor for The Breakfast Club.

What Can You Expect?

The Breakfast Club is an online weekly meet-up. It consists of several of Vitamin’s experts and six hand-picked participants from other organizations.

The meetings are open discussions about topics that matter to healthcare Project Managers.

There’s a troubleshooting session at the end of each meeting. This section is an opportunity to share the problematic aspects of your current projects and analyze them with the help of others. The group brainstorms ways to solve your issue and get the timeline back on track.


Here are some that we identified as relevant:

Inter-team communication

Because without clear communication, you’re trying to juggle disjointed teams and predict potential pitfalls with no input.

Timeline management

Balancing your leadership needs with your engineers' realistic abilities is hard. We as Project Managers, are go-betweens, and the timelines we set speak volumes of our capabilities.

Deadlines and how to say to an impossible one

Meeting deadlines paints a picture of capability and reliability. But so does refusing unrealistic timelines, and that’s easier said than done.

Setting clear expectations

Not communicating the plan puts you at risk of confrontations, frustration, and last-minute changes.

Regulations that may disrupt software projects

Navigating healthcare compliance and regulations requires a strategy. One that you may lack but another club participant might’ve already developed.

Stakeholder demands and scope creep

Meeting deadlines paints a picture of capability and reliability. But so does refusing unrealistic timelines, and that’s easier said than done.

Still uncertain if this is the right jam for you?

Read why you should join the club

Each group has six participants, with Vitamin team members.

Why do we keep the groups so small? To keep things contained and personalize the meeting contents for optimal value.

This isn’t your ordinary Zoom call; it’s an opportunity for strategic collaboration.

Project Manager Secret Superpower

The Breakfast Club is an exclusive opportunity to improve as a Project Manager. It gives you access to industry peers and the experts that make up Vitamin.