Achieve capital efficiency & beat deadlines through reliable and innovative healthcare technology solutions.


We empower your project managers and engineers to make better business decisions and implement best practices in compliance, regulation adherence, project management, prioritization, and budgeting.


We help you resolve long-stuck projects and meet deadlines with high-quality work while partnering up with your executive and project management team.

Capital Efficiency

We spend your money wisely. As a part of our discovery process, we advise on the project scopes that deliver optimum results for the revenue invested.

FHIR Data Standards

Specializing in FHIR data standards, we are a go-to advisor to your engineering team.

Healthcare Data Management

We’ve accumulated the best data management practices while working with EHR platforms such as Epic.

Vitamin Sanity Check

The superpower that lets us select only viable projects and the most efficient approach to achieve them on time.

Predictably improve patient outcomes

Grow with Vitamin

170 +

Vitamin Software engineers have 170+ years of combined healthcare expertise

90 +

Successful projects delivered reliably

120M +

Vitamin Software is trusted by healthcare companies that generate over $120 Million in yearly revenue


CEO, OnPoint Healthcare Partners

Jim Boswell

The Vitamin team has done an excellent job at not only driving the integration but ensuring OnPoint can earn a strong Return on the Investment. Our engagement with Vitamin has no doubt allowed OnPoint to maintain its competitive advantage over our competition.


CEO, Troy Medicare

Flaviu Simihaian

Vitamin Software team is not just a group of talented developers, but highly effective communicators, which is critical to solving challenging problems at startup speed.


Senior Data Manager, IFPRI

Soonho Kim

I am impressed by the quality of services that we received from Vitamin Software. Vitamin Software was right on schedule, charged reasonable prices, was professional and courteous in dealings, and had great project management and communications. The revamped Food Security Portal website was successfully launched on time. This plays an important role in achieving the project goals. We recommend Vitamin Software and its development team. We look forward to working with them on future projects.


CTO, Digital Pharmacist

Scott Brittain

Vitamin is a project consultancy company.  They collaborate with customers on well-scoped SOWs that govern customer needs and success criteria.  In this process, Vitamin can bring to bear product strategy (is this the right thing to do?), product management (what is it we want done?), and project management (how shall we get this done?) expertise to help maximize ROI and minimize customer risk.  Post-SOW Vitamin can operate both autonomously or collaboratively based on the needs of the customer and project. 

Our clients

We are trusted, reliable partners

AWS (Amazon Web Services): Vitamin Software is an AWS Network Select Consulting Partner. We leverage these cloud services for software flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and seamless integration.
SOC2 (Service Organization Control 2): We’re SOC2 certified, which shows our commitment to information security and compliance. When healthcare providers cooperate with us, they can be assured their sensitive data stays confidential.
FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources): Experience with FHIR standards makes our solutions easy to integrate with other workflows. Seamless data exchange among different systems is guaranteed.
Epic certification: Epic Systems Corporation is a leading provider of EHR software for healthcare organizations. This certificate lets us work with healthcare providers who use Epic software and shows how committed we are to security.

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