How Vitamin Saved $500K+ For a Healthcare SaaS Client

Saving Money, Meeting Deadlines, and Optimizing Performance

Case study authored by Irene Tomos

Intending to launch an innovative two-faced app revolutionizing patient-pharmacist interactions, our client grappled with budget constraints, delayed timelines, and an intricate web of user stories at different stages. They recognized the need for efficiency and sought the Vitamin Team’s expertise to navigate these complexities.

The Challenge of Prioritizing Features Within the Platformmanaging healthcare project tasks and time

Before partnering with us, our client faced a critical juncture. Hindered by budget constraints and internal challenges, they needed to prioritize and define the scope of 100 user stories. 

The previous lack of regular project health checks led to the stories being blocked, essential information needed, and the looming launch date intensified the pressure. 

Digital Platform Servicing Pharmacies Across the US

Our client, a prominent player in digital pharmacy solutions, aimed to create a transformative app. With a focus on enhancing pharmacist-patient relationships, the app is intended to streamline pharmacy operations, boost patient engagement, data collection and management, and facilitate essential services like vaccinations.

Why the Client Chose Vitamin Software

Our client chose us for our proven track record in delivering predictability in costs and timelines. Having worked together on a previous project, they valued our ability to provide accurate estimates, ensuring a smoother development process.

How Vitamin Software Responded

In these situations, the first thing we do is a Sanity Check. That means comprehensively analyzing each user story's impact on patient outcomes, revenue, compliance, and overall design. Recognizing the urgency, we shifted from mere design updates to a strategic approach, focusing on prioritization, detail unblocking, and cost analysis.

The final product of the Sanity Check was an executive report explicitly made for the CEO to empower him and his team to prioritize their budget and functionalities. Our commitment to data-driven decision-making resonated with the client, culminating in a detailed report that met the CEO's expectations.

The Results

After a year of collaboration, the results speak for themselves. By focusing on the most critical 10-20 stories, we empowered our client to meet their launch deadline, saving them over $500,000 in delivering those stories without counting the additional stress that would be put on the company if the functionality wasn’t achieved in time for the release. The two-faced app, designed for pharmacists and patients, is now tracking to facilitate seamless interactions, allowing appointments, medication refills, and crucial notifications about medication side effects and allergies. The CEO, product managers, and head of product development expressed immense satisfaction with the project's outcome.

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