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Insights into Reliability: The Vitamin Software Approach

Know How We Build Top-Quality Healthcare Software?

Reliability is our mission, vision, and main value

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I’ve spent my entire career in the software industry, and eight leading Vitamin Software. Over the course of my experiences, I’ve come to understand that business people require reliable software development – and dedicated myself to delivering it. Today, I’d like to share a bit about the ways my company embodies this understanding.

Reliability begins with effective communication and comprehension of customer needs. Read between the lines, think on your feet, and resonate with the business’s pain points to grasp the customer desires.

Showing up, no matter the challenges, is another crucial aspect of reliability. Regardless of the obstacles – hell or high water – delivering on promises requires dedication and a strong work ethic. Doing the job consistently and effectively is the only way you and your clients can trust your promises.

Quality is the final piece of the puzzle. A reliable system is one where everything works as intended, with no room for ambiguity. Accountability comes into play when things go awry - you can’t always be perfect, but you can identify where a problem occurred and work toward doing better.

At Vitamin Software, four values define how we work, communicate, and grow. They are:

  • Humility. We ego-check ourselves and each other to ensure we have a clear, unbiased perspective on the challenges before us.
  • Accountability. We answer for our past and future actions, keeping in mind what can go wrong and taking responsibility for what did go wrong.
  • Solutions-orientation. We don’t refuse tasks because they seem hard. If we can’t find a solution, we improvise, reverse-engineer, and create one.
  • A sense of urgency. Reliability demands that you don’t stall. Moving swiftly ensures we get things right before opportunities pass by.

Our commitment to these values reflects in our work — building robust, reliable healthcare software that stands the test of time.

Meet with our CEO

Andrei Ismail

In addition to being a prolific engineer, his background of leading over 60 successful product launches helps him understand your business better than an MBA-educated executive would. 

His one-on-one time is typically reserved for our existing clients, but as a part of a mission to improve the healthcare patient outcomes with his initiatives - Andrei sets aside a few slots a month for external complementary consultations where he can see he can most contribute.

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