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Does Your Software Make Life Easier For Healthcare Workers?

Are Your Healthcare Software KPIs User-Centric?

If not, keep reading and discover how to re-focus your efforts.

While speaking with a potential client, I noticed that well-intentioned developer teams often forget about the goal of what they’re building. We at Vitamin do things differently, and I’d like to share the mindset behind our method.

Comic of a doctor struggling with EHRs

‘I’ve seen failed projects, frustrated users, and wasted resources when developers keep introducing unnecessary features — not to mention launch delays. Instead of reducing the time health workers spend in front of computers (vital for busy physicians, nurses, and pharmacists), we too often focus on high-tech bells and whistles that don’t support the user experience. As a result, we end up totally missing the KPI we should aim for — minimizing software usage time.

Here’s the thing: healthcare isn’t your typical industry. It’s not about getting people to use software more but making sure it works seamlessly when they do.

The UI should display only the most relevant information, as determined by the professionals, while the rest can remain ‘under the hood.’ By involving doctors and pharmacists in decision-making, we align our software with their real-world needs. As they juggle lab work, surgeries, check-ins, and paperwork, that’s rarely an added screen, form, or feature.

Unlike industries that strive to increase user engagement, healthcare software should minimize the intrusion of technology into the workflow, allowing healthcare professionals to concentrate on patient care. Think outcomes over ornamentation for better results every time.

Meet with our CEO

Andrei Ismail

In addition to being a prolific engineer, his background of leading over 60 successful product launches helps him understand your business better than an MBA-educated executive would. 

His one-on-one time is typically reserved for our existing clients, but as a part of a mission to improve the healthcare patient outcomes with his initiatives - Andrei sets aside a few slots a month for external complementary consultations where he can see he can most contribute.

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