Aventi's Success With AWS in 340B TPA Data Management

Aventi's AWS-Powered Leap in Healthcare Efficiency with Vitamin Software

Case study coauthored by Emma Ungureanu, George Voicu, and Andrei Ismail

Discover how Aventi, a 340B TPA, leveraged AWS and Vitamin Software to revolutionize their data capabilities within a year. The focus was streamlining data connections, ensuring accuracy, and enhancing financial visibility.

Aventi faced the challenge of securely connecting to multiple partners — hospitals, pharmacies, and wholesalers. The issue required leveraging SFTP services and meeting stringent traceability and accuracy standards to begin untangling. The more complicated part was ingesting data according to the data standards set by multiple partners.

The Challenge of Automated Drug Distribution

As a crucial player in the 340B program, Aventi facilitates revenue generation for hospitals in low-income areas. Collaborating with Vitamin Software, Aventi aimed to create a system that automated drug distribution and ensured precise financial reporting.

Aventi's operational structure

Why Aventi Decided on Vitamin Software’s Expertise 

Aventi chose AWS for its scalability, compliance measures, and secure connectivity options. Vitamin Software's technical expertise in complex data architecture was pivotal in designing a robust system with Amazon RDS at its core.

How Vitamin Software Responded

AWS services, including EC2, VPCs, and ELBs, were deployed to secure SFTP connections. Advanced backup policies of Amazon EBS and RDS ensured information availability in disaster recovery scenarios. Amazon RDS scaled seamlessly, handling both write-heavy and read-heavy workloads.

Vitamin Software's AWS solution for Aventi

The Results

Aventi's adoption of AWS and Vitamin Software's expertise accelerated business operations, enabling faster client onboarding. The secure web app deployed on Amazon RDS facilitated accurate 340B reports. AWS's support for EDI, especially X12 messages, streamlined communication with wholesalers, ensuring precise drug delivery.

Achieve Efficiency in Healthcare Data Management

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